Customize nRelate Related Posts Widget with CSS For Blogger

Related Posts widgets are such an important plugin that every blog must have.Why i say it,to survive in Blogosphere and increase several aspects such as average time landing on a web page,page views per visitor and importantly Alexa rank,You should engage your readers to read related posts.Since starting a blog,you have to do many works till receiving some revenue to your pocket,even after that. In this case Related Posts widgets take a major place in your site as an assistant who introduces new relative posts to users. There are many third party sites out who present different types of Related posts widgets. nRelate recent posts widget is a great plugin with fully control to its users.You can customize its CSS codes and make attractive related posts widget for your site.

Customized nRelate Related Posts widget for Blogger:
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Already i have explained you what is nRelate related posts widget and how to Install nRelate Related posts widget in blogger easily.If you didn't read that tutorial,i recommend you to check it out.It will be helpful to you to know some special features on nRelate related posts plugin and how to conflate them with your site . Now you know we can customize nrelate related posts plugin using CSS. But how to do it on Blogger ? It's an easy work,just like you add stylish cloud label gadget to blog,You need to add piece of CSS code to your template.Styling nrelate widget is quite easy task if you find out how to do it. Some people think that it's hard to style blogger widgets,But it is not true.I too thought it in first days when i came to Blogosphere. But after researching its source code and playing with them,i understood that it's not a hard work. Like creating navigation menu bars using CSS ,you need to use some unique CSS ids and class names of nRelate plugin to style related posts plugin. Look at above image,i have customized nRelate plugin with CSS. You can see it comparing two images. Now i will show you how to add this effect on your blog's nRelate related post widget.

Customized Related Posts Widget For Blogger

Step 1: Sign in to your Blogger account
Step 2: Go to Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML.
Step 3: Now Find below code in your template.


Step 4: Next just above/before </head> code,paste below one directly.

<style type="text/css">
/* ------Customized nRelate Related Post Widget CSS Codes------ */
.nr_post_title { color:#39AFEA !important !important;font-size:13px !important;font-family:'Lucida Sans Unicode','Lucida Grande','Lucida Sans','DejaVu Sans Condensed',sans-serif !important;}
.nr_post_title:hover { color:#EAB515 !important;}
.nr_title {font-family:Cambria,'Times New Roman','Nimbus Roman No9 L','Freeserif',Times,serif !important;font-size:20px !important;color:#D66A22 !important;}
.nr_title:hover { color:#22D633 !important;}
.nr_img  { border-radius:none!important; }
.nr_panel:hover .nr_img {outline:1px solid #3952C0 !important;-moz-border-radius:30px;-webkit-border-radius:30px;border-radius:30px;-moz-transition:all .1s ease;
-webkit-transition:all .1s ease;-o-transition:all .1s ease;transition:all .1s ease;}
/* ------End CSS code------- */

  • #D66A22    :-Replace with you desired color name/hexadecimal number.It specify the color of nRelate title,by default the title text is "You might Like Also :-".Here i have changed it to my own text( Don't Miss :- ).
  • #22D633     :-Change the color number with your color that will be shown when nRelate title is hovered.
  • #39AFEA    :-Define the color of post title.
  • #EAB515    :-Post color when it is hovered.
  • #3952C0     :-Outline color of image when mouse over.

Step 5: Now click on Save Template button.

That's all.Now refresh your blog and see how nRelate related posts widget is appearing on your blog.If you have any question,feel free to ask me anything in below commenting section.Happy blogging pals :)

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