How to Remove Blogger Navbar

Blogger has added a navigation menu for blogger templates.This navigation bar is also known "Navbar". It appears at the top of every Blogger-powered blog by default .It is hidden from third-party blogger templates. Blogger Navbar is very useful in some occasions.Some advantages of Navbar are given bellow.

  1. You can search other blogs easily.
  2. When you click on B icon you can go to ''.
  3. There is quick link to Dashboard and sign in/sign out from your blogger account.
  4. You can "Flag Blog".
  5. You can see recently-updated blogs clicking on "Next Blog".

If it is very useful in many stages,the disadvantage of navbar is the visual. If you tried to change it,it will not fit. As you're a blogger who think to maintain your blog professionally and neat,Navbar is an unusual gadget in default blogger templates.So you may want to remove Navbar from your blogger blog.You will learn how to remove blogspot navbar easily using one of two options.

There are two methods to remove your navigation bar. For the most part navbar layout section is on the right upper side.You can see it clicking on 'Edit'.


This method is very easy.Go to page element (Layout). Open the 'Navbar configuration' gadget window.Now select on 'Off' option like bellow.

Now click on 'Save" button.

2nd method

1.) Go to Template.
2.) Now Click on Edit HTML button.
3.) Now search ]]></b:skin> using Ctrl+F
4.) Now paste bellow CSS code just above/before  ]]></b:skin>.

#navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none; }


5.) Now Save your Template.

That's're done...

Let me to know what method is work for you and what is the easiest way to remove blogger Navbar...

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