How to add description for New Blogger Blog

Traffic to your blog is depended on some main aspects that you must consider.Nowadays Organic traffic is the  most popular topic that everyone talk. Blog title and description are very important things that you should set after thinking more than three times.Today search engines have become smart than we think.Since crawling web pages, Search engines can see what website is most suitable for first search result page.That's why some web pages which have not page rank is displayed in first result page.If you think to maintain your blog as a business,so you should think about On-page SEO. Adding blog description is an one step in on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What is the Blog description ?

Go to Google homepage and type any desired webpage's name and hit on 'Search' button.I searched  "Google" keyword on Google search engine.You may see that there are some words about your searched webpage under of title of website. It is the description about the website that you're looking for.Blog description defines about the blog niche and its specialty,that can be found in the blog.

Limitations when adding Blog description

You're free to add your relevant description about your blog up to 500 characters,without including any HTML.I recommend you to write down your blog's description in a note book.Then check out its grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.Then search top keywords of your blog and include them in to blog description.Now count characters of it. After making simple and keyword rich blog description,Follow below few steps in order to adding blog description to your blogger blog.

Add description to your blog

1.) Sign in to your Blogger account.
2.) Click on drop down menu and select on "Settings".
3.) Ensure you see Basic settings under blog settings.


4.) Click on "Edit" link in Description option under Basic settings.Then type your written description on the space provided.
5.) After typing your description,click on 'Save' button.

That's alright.It will take little time to show your blog description in search results.If your blog have a good page rank,then description will display within few hours.It is fully depended on the page rank of your blog.

I think that now you can add description for your blog easily.If you have responses about adding description for blogger blog,comment it below.

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